Yunca wood heaters.

Yunca heaters have gained a reputation for their uncompromising build quality and heating ability. Customers say they are more than just heaters, they become part of the family.

Founded in 1977 on the principal of ‘quality first’, Yunca is a 100% New Zealand family-owned business. A dedication to quality and customers, means that they still carry a full range of parts for models manufactured over 30 years ago; heaters which are still going strong today.

The new range of heaters are both modern and stylish, with the same commitment to being more than just a heater. > See the full range here

After manufacturing their first heater in 1977 for Terry and Vicky Young’s own 100-year-old home, Yunca went on to establish itself through the 1980’s and 1990’s as a leading manufacturer of wood and multi-fuel burners of unsurpassed quality, heat and efficiency. > Read more on our history

Now a second generation family business, Karyna Young LLB BCom is responsible for international and domestic sales, and emerging markets.

With her father Terry, still hands-on running the manufacturing and engineering side of the business, Karyna has been responsible for introducing a company-wide renewed focus on product design and company service provision.

Manufacturing and exporting over a 39-year period also requires tenacity, and the willingness to ultilise and restructure existing infrastructure to remain competitive.

While the wider Yunca Group has become successful in the provision of components and services to aluminum smelters worldwide, the core of their business is, and always has been, domestic heaters.

Not only have Yunca heaters been keeping New Zealanders warm for over 39 years their heaters are some of the cleanest in the world, in keeping with sustaining New Zealand’s environment.

Today, Yunca manufactures their heaters from their three factory’s in India, Dunedin and Invercargill; where the head office is based. The addition of the India factory making them competitive in the international marketplace and allows Yunca to provide New Zealander’s a well priced unit without compromising quality.

Yunca Heating still remains loyal to the commitment first made in 1977… “quality first”.



A fresh modern design combined with a convenient cook top. With three models variations and ten colours to choose from, there is something for everyone. MONTE – BASE is a stylish modern fire. Incorporating a cook-top, which adds functionality to any home.

The large glass area of the MONTE BASE maximizes the ambience only a solid-fuel fire can give, and the large door allows ease of refuelling. With 10 changeable colour options, there is something for everyone.

WEGJ 2000

One of our most powerful domestic wood burners. Wegj has a conscience. It’s environmentally friendly both inside and outside your home. WEGJ 2000’s economical running costs, large heat output and excellent clean air rating ensures WEGJ 2000 meets your family needs as well as those of the environment.

The large window allows more heat to circulate the room while enhancing the look and ambiance of the fire. WEGJ 2000 with its wider pull down door, fits larger logs with ease. Its timeless design ensures the WEGJ 2000 will always look stylish and appropriate in your home.


The latest launch in our Yunca range; XANDER is a clean air insert wood burner that suits both modern new builds as well as retrofitting into an existing inbuilt fireplace.

Xander has one of the largest heat outputs in its class, coupled with an excellent clean air rating. This satisfies the needs of both your family and the environment. The large window allows more radiant heat to circulate the room while enhancing the look and ambience of the fire. Xander, with its wider pull-down door fits larger logs with ease.

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