Whether for Commercial, Domestic, Industrial or Municipal Hot Water applications, no other system is as attractive as Solar~Mio. Even on Heritage buildings, where there is slate, corrugated iron or tiles, Solar~Mio collector panels do not look obtrusive.

Solar~Mio Systems do not feature heavy, bulky roof tanks. The tank is installed out of sight in a cupboard or under the eaves at the back of the house. Simple Installations with no need for major modifications.

Save a minimum 65% of your hot water costs, even in the colder southern regions of Australia. In the warmer northern regions, Solar-Mio gives you free solar hot water virtually every day of the year. Solar-Mio is super efficient. The unique Black Nickel absorption surface was developed by the C.S.I.R.O. to maximise panels sunlight absorption.

Over twenty years continuous research and development have gone into today’s SolarMio system. Our Solar Gold storage tank is fully insulated to retain heat longer. Solar-Mio panels have anti-glare prismatic glazing that is cushion-mounted to avoid breakage.

Frost Protection Systems protect panels from the force of freeze build-up during cold southern winters. Pipes are made from copper, which will outlast other material. The storage tank features a feed tank, safety tray, low profile solar connections, stove connections and an electric booster element.