Sculpt wood heaters.

Sculpt Fireplace Collection is an Australian owned company who exclusively supply some of the world’s most sought after high-end luxury fireplaces.

Intent on providing Australians with a dynamic collection of designer fires, Sculpt fireplace collection has strategically gathered not only award winning fireplace designs, but also fireplaces which have been manufactured with high quality materials and the best raw steel and 100% pure original cast iron which is built to last.

All our range are classified as luxury fireplaces. We generally find that most of our customers have central heating and the fireplace is just an added bit of luxury. We do have some customers who use their fireplaces 24/7 but we like to tell them to clean the ash out regularly to prevent warping any items buried in the ash.

As for the 24/7 part, we cannot promise an overnight burn on our fireplaces. Our fireplaces are designed with more airflow around the glass doors and for a hotter and complete burn. Consequently this means that whilst you will get nothing but fine ash left in the firebox, you will not get an overnight burn.


Cast Iron Cheminee

Pioneered in France with innovation and at the forefront of wood firebox technology, Cheminees Seguin Duteriez fireplaces have been warming homes worldwide for over 30 years. Thanks to the choice of high quality raw materials, Seguin fireplaces use 100% pure cast iron fireboxes, balancing structural integrity with high efficiency and superior heat output.

Discover our Seguin cast iron cheminee fireplace range and discover the benefits of these classic cast iron wood heater.

Axis double sided inbuilt wood fireplace

The artisan engineered Axis H1200DS double sided inbuilt wood fireplace is a French panoramic steel firebox with breathtaking sentiments and an unbelievable heating performance. View a spirited display of ambient flames that will dance continuously from this double sided masterpiece all winter long. A personal gallery awaits from any point in the room with the Axis H1200DS double sided inbuilt wood fireplace. The large glass viewing area also gives this French hand made wood heater a luxurious contemporary feel that is much sought-after.

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