ROBAM Range Hoods Albury Wodonga

Mr Stoves Pool World is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the ROBAM Range hoods the worlds best selling range hood. Please come into our showroom to see our three working models and a unique demonstration of the performance and features of the units.

ROBAM design is as innovative as the unit is powerful. Touch controls sits behind a clean and beautifully crated one piece toughened glass, this not only seals all the electronic components away from cooking oils but also allows for easy cleaning with no buttons in the way. Exclusive patented filter design is made over 30 thousand small diamond shaped oil separators that traps up to 96% of cooking oil from entering the chamber, prolonging the life of your rangehood. Internal chamber is coated with a non-stick coating which allows any oil particles to form and run down into the oil cup, making the inside a truly maintenance free machine. Our filter is machine pressed from a single piece of hospital grade 304 stainless steel, they are strong, easy to clean and most importantly, 100% dish washer safe.

The ability to reach a powerful 1140m3/hr air flow rate, 350Pa static pressure, 18/sec  air speed all generated from a single efficient 200w motor is only achieved with our Dual Core Absorber technology. Industry leading extraction design with patented 57:43 ratio twin turbine centrifugal fan creates a 360 degrees tornado like effect which spins and captures your cooking fumes, minimizing the escape of smoke, grease, odour. This tornado like smoke capturing technology is the exclusive design by ROBAM and cannot be replicated by any other company. Alpha design twin turbine housing with direct outlet allows smoke to be extracted from both sides of the motor. This free flowing system means minimal air drag, efficient use of power and low operating costs.​

Crossover A809

Glider A812

Centroid A822

Tornado A818

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