Solar Pool covers, Pool Blankets & Leaf Covers.

Not all pool covers do the same thing. Solar Covers (sometimes called bubble blankets, floating bubble covers and even bubble wrap covers), are used primarily to heat the water and to stop evaporation. Fitted covers (also called leaf covers, winter covers and debris covers) are usually used for a more long term covering, or when there are a lot of leaves in the garden. Regardless of which style is best for you, you will save time and money when you cover your pool.

So how do you choose which pool cover is best for you?

Solar Pool Covers / Bubble Blankets

Stop evaporation with a solar cover, and you’ll save water, cut your chemical consumption and heat your pool! Take advantage of the sun, and enj. Quick and easy to handle when used with a blanket roller system.

Winter Leaf and Debris Covers (for inground pools)

Keeps out leaves, birds and other animals, and reduces evaporation. This super fine mesh cover is great for winter and pools with heavy leaf loads.

Leafstop Covers (for above ground pools)

Cuts evaporation, and keeps leaves and debris out of an above ground pool. This value for money ‘shower cap’ style cover is easy to use.

Non heating solar style bubble blankets

This bubble style floating blanket provides all the water saving benefits of a solar cover, but does not heat the pool water.

Thermal Pool Covers (heated pools)

Save water and up to 70% of heating costs. These commercial quality covers offer maximum thermal protection.

Commercial Pool Covers

Talk to us about your requirements – indoors, outdoors, heated or non-heated – we’re here to help!

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