Lopi Gas Fireplaces.

Lopi have a fireplace to suit everyone. From a traditional fireplace and stove design to modern pebble and driftwood style fireplace designs. All of our gas fireplaces include GreenSmart Direct Vent gas technology and are not only efficient but look great too.

Lopi offer the very latest in ‘Direct Vent’ or ‘Balanced Flue’ gas fireplaces. Lopi gas fireplaces are available in freestanding form for easy installation, as zero clearance fireplaces suitable for installation in timber stud work and as gas inserts, designed to replace existing open masonry fireplaces or chimneys. Browse through our extensive range of gas fireplaces and let us know if you have any questions.


Lopi DVL Ember-Glo GS2

The Lopi DVL GS2 Gas Insert is designed to turn your existing brick fireplace into an economical and beautiful heat source. You’ll still enjoy a gorgeous fire without loosing the heat out your chimney! If you require a smaller option check out the Lopi DVS Ember-Glo GS2.

Lopi 564 Clean Face 35K GS2

The Lopi 564 35K Clean Face GS2 is a mid-sized fireplace that delivers big heat. This high output model is ideal for larger spaces in your home or colder climates. This fireplace features massive dancing flames and realistic Ember-Glo™ ember bed lighting, with your choice of highly detailed 10-piece Classic Oak or Birch Log Sets.

The “Clean Face” style of this model is designed to resemble the look of an open, traditional fireplace with minimal trim around the viewing glass. The 564 35K is a fully-loaded fireplace that features the GreenSmart® Remote Control, 180 CFM Convection Fan, Accent Lights, and the optional CoolSmart TV Wall™ Kit.

Lopi Cypress GS2

The Lopi Cypress GS2 Freestanding Gas Heater is a contemporary fireplace that features the award winning Ember-Fyre burner with high definition Log. The venting options mean that it can flue off the top or directly off the rear. The large heating capacity and 3 panels of ceramic glass mean incredible heat and an incredible view.

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864 Clean Face

564HO Driftwood Enamel

DVL Rosario Emberfire


DVS Rosario

DVL Profile Face S/Steel

Cypress freestanding rear flue

6015 50mm trim

6015 driftwood logs

4415 see through driftwood logs

4415 enamel liner


864 see through

864 see through 4 sided

DVL Wilmington

864 clean face

864 clean face


564 Shadowbox

Greenfield GS2