Timeless Norwegian Craft.

Jøtul has produced fireplaces from cast iron since 1853. This is an extremely suitable material that endures high temperatures and rapid changes in temperature. That’s why Jøtul chooses cast iron for their fireplaces, just like car manufacturers use cast iron for their engines.

Jøtul’s cast iron is recycled scrap iron from local scrap dealers. This is melted down and waste products removed at the same time as carbon and other alloying elements are added. When the melted iron has reached the right temperature, it is analysed in the lab at the Kråkerøy facility and if necessary, extra alloying elements are added to ensure that the cast iron lives up to the famous Jøtul quality. The liquid iron is then poured into moulds of sand to cool down before the cast parts are turned into modern Jøtul wood stoves.

Jøtul F 8 TD

The Jøtul F 8 TD is one of Jøtul’s oldest traditional stoves still going strong. Why have people warmed to this stove for generations? Perhaps its the timeless, classic look, combined with an impressive peak heat output of 17kW.

Heating capacity: 11 kW
Approx weight: 143 kg
Log size: 46 cm
Flue Outlet: 150 mm
Flue exit options: Top and Rear
Efficiency: 75%


● Classic cast iron wood stove
● Easy to install with flue outlet on top and rear
● Black paint surface
● Ash solution is standard


With panoramic view to the fire, JØTUL F 520 offers the experience of a live campfire in your living room. This wood stove offers a wide expanse of glass, the flames can be fully enjoyed from three sides of the stove. With a special glass coating feature the glass stays clean. The smart construction of the air valves makes the stove easy to light and is user friendly. The white enamelled burn plates offer a clean and light view of the burn chamber also when the stove is not in use. In the base of the stove there is a practical room for wood storage.

  • Panoramic view to the fire
  • User friendly details
  • Spacious burn chamber


The Jøtul F 163 wood burning stove is part of the F 160 series which consists of five main variants, with or without side glasses and with different leg options and cast iron bases. Jøtul F 163 is characterised by its large side glasses and three sturdy legs that give the wood stove an easy and modern look. There are also different finish options and you can choose either black paint or maintenance free white enamel. You can also choose an extra feature of a decorative and heat retaining top made of soapstone which retains more heat while the fire is burning. The wood stove is designed for modern living and is suitable for low effect heating. It burns at an optimal level even at 3kW.

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