A true innovator, Invicta revisited the wood burning stove, developing new, cleaner product lines that satisfy your sense of interior design, with a modern twist. This vision combines sleek design with accessibility, and is perfectly in tune with the times. Invicta’s approach is part of what has come to be known as “democratic design”. This approach is based on five pillars:

Form: it is the quality of the line, the sketch, that makes the stove a complete aesthetic object. It adds style to any home. The stove becomes the heart of the home, and the central decorative element. This is obviously the most common meaning of the word design.

Function: Invicta stoves are perfectly designed, not only in its aesthetic dimensions, but also in its functionality. Performance, efficiency and usability guaranteed. And they’re ergonomic, that is to say, optimized for a natural and intuitive use.

Quality: while remaining accessible, Invicta wood burning stoves have a level of quality that is recognized worldwide. They are made in France, in the Ardennes. The quality level is controlled at every stage to be unfaltering.

Sustainability: from the stove’s conception Invicta designers never lose sight of the sustainability of the appliance throughout its life cycle. The materials are recyclable, and the fuel is the most abundant source of renewable energy in France. Durability is an integral part of the design.