We are the exclusive local dealer for Hydraspa® spas, the name that defines the hot tub experience.

At HydraSpa we have an exclusive range of premium hot tubs and swim spas that are designed to turn your backyard into the focus point of your home.

HydraSpa premium hot tubs have been made with the most energy efficient system available on the market. Reducing your running costs by up to 75% in comparison to any other brand of spa.

Visit our stores to talk to our friendly and professional staff who can help you find the perfect hydrotherapy spa for you and your family.

HM-680 PREMIUM Mineral Spa

HydraSpa Swim Spas use only the finest available USA acrylics, Australian Premium control equipment and mechanical heating equipment, engineered exclusively for Australian conditions.

HydraSpa Swim Spa shell covers are available in platinum white marble.

HydraSpa Swim Spa Covers are available in charcoal grey.

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