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Mr Stoves Pool World stocks and recommends quality Australian designed & engineered Hayward Pure Silk salt water chlorinators, from budget price models to automatic self – cleaning cells and commercial application. These industry leading products ensure a quality outcome for your backyard pool or commercial system.

Puresilk™ CCS: Chlorine Control System

Puresilk™’s Chlorine Control System has two parts. The upright electrolytic cell houses two specially-coated, electrically charged plates.
When slightly salty water passes between the plates, chlorine is released. And once through the cell the salt reforms, ready to start the whole process over again.

Managing and monitoring the chlorination process is a sophisticated microprocessor.

It makes the Puresilk™ Chlorine Control System the safest, easiest, most natural and most economical way to chlorinate a pool or spa through the use of some very ingenious and innovative technology. For example…

Purity, accuracy, consistency and safety?

While chlorine is accepted as the most effective sanitiser in pools and spas, it’s mostly applied manually in tablet, granular or liquid form.

Water testing is haphazard, so doses are large and infrequent causing the pool to swing between too little and too much chlorine. And chlorine is volatile and can even explode if handled incorrectly.

By far the safest, easiest and most accurate way to add chlorine is to continuously generate it within the pool water using a little sodium chlorine – better known as salt.

A Saline Solution

Salt is amazing. Two-thirds of our body mass is made up of slightly salty water and salt water is used to aid healing. But at 4500 parts per million our salinity is 10 times less than sea water.

When we draw fresh water in through our skin, it actually causes irritation and discomfort.

The water used in salt chlorination is similar in concentration to our teardrops. So we feel relaxed, soothed and have that luxurious feeling of swimming in silk

We also supply Waterco pool sand and glass media filters and cyclones, Hayward, Onga, Pentair and Hurlcon pumps.


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