The suspended fireplace began with Focus.

The launch of Gyrofocus in 1968 sparked a revolution in fire. Never before had a fireplace been lifted from the earth, into the air. Focus had made its mark, and we continue to be synonymous with groundbreaking aesthetics today. Since our small beginnings in Viols le Fort, France, our firm has grown from a simple artist’s studio into an international business. Throughout this journey, we have maintained an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship: every Focus fireplace is still handmade in France.

Favoured by architects and tastemakers the world over, the Focus range has received numerous accolades. Gyrofocus was named World’s Most Beautiful Object at the Pulchra Design Awards in Italy in 2009, and the Slimfocus recently received the Red Dot Design Award.


GYROFOCUS central, suspended, rotating fireplace

This seminal design, created by Dominique Imbert in 1968, was the first suspended, 360° pivoting fireplace. It was revolutionary as much for its technical design as its groundbreaking style. Its ease of installation, made-to-measure flue and its heat efficiency have all contributed to make this fireplace the signature model and symbol of Focus.

This international classic has been exhibited in the Bordeaux Contemporary Art Museum (1996), the National Centre of Contemporary Art in Grenoble (1997) and in New York’s Guggenheim Museum (1998).

In 2009, it won first prize in Italy’s Pulchra design competition, in which 74,425 international online voters chose the Gyrofocus from a selection of 100 designer objects as the ‘World’s most beautiful object’.

SLIMFOCUS ON BASE central closed fireplace

The Slimfocus is a periscope of flames. Its hearth is either suspended (in which case it can pivot) or supported by a base and fixed in place. Its streamlined shape takes up little space, whether it is positioned centrally in a room, near a wall or in a corner. Its exceptionally fluid lines make it one of Focus’s most stylistically revolutionary fireplaces.

ERGOFOCUS central, suspended, rotating fireplace

‘Why should fire be fixed to the ground?’ asks Dominique Imbert. ‘I wanted my fireplaces to hang from the sky.’

This suspended and pivoting model is a response to this wish. Its pure, elegant shape is not only perfectly proportioned, but
maximises heat efficiency. The graceful flue is built to measure for the space. The blend of function and form makes the Ergofocus one of the most popular of Focus’s suspended models.





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