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Wood Burning Stoves

It seems like you are looking for a stove with up-to-the-minute design and a build quality to last. At ESSE, master stove maker since 1854, you will find a selection of exceptional wood and multi-fuel stoves to choose from.

Modern ESSE stoves are compatible for use in Clean Air Zones as ‘exempt appliances’ – so your new ESSE will last as long as ESSEs from generations gone by. Wood burning models are Ecodesign Ready to meet the new 2022 requirements.

ESSE 700

When it comes to quality, you simply cannot go past ESSE. And the ESSE 700 wood heater is the pinnacle of ESSE’s wood heater range. Handmade in Lancashire, United Kingdom, this breathtaking unit is all about the flames. ESSE is renowned for their signature flame pattern, and now you can have that in your home with the ESSE 700.

The most impressive thing about the ESSE 700 is its vista style door, which means you have a MASSIVE viewing glass to see the flames. These flames are epic! The 700 has the capacity to heat up to 100m², making it perfect for the smaller home that needs a fair amount of heat. And with its low emissions of just 1g, it’s environmentally conscious as well.

The ESSE 700 is packed full of features which make it stand out from the crowd, with its fantastic shaker grate, dual air control sliders (one for the ash bed and one for FLAMES) and the capacity to add a wood storage box to bottom of the unit. And if you need to boil a kettle or simmer a pot, the top of the ESSE 700 can also act as a cooktop.

If you live in an airtight home, air is a precious commodity in your home, and you don’t want your new ESSE 700 to compromise that. This is where the Outside Air Intake comes in. This attaches to the back of the heater and runs a duct through to the outside, allowing it to bring fresh air into your wood heater, so it doesn’t pull from the room.

The ESSE 700 is more than just a pretty face. With brilliant heating technology under the hood, while still maintaining a gorgeous façade, for the small home where the wood heater is the heart and soul, it’s hard to go pass the ESSE 700 wood heater.

Warmheart ‘S’

When it comes to the ESSE Warmheart, its biggest feature is its flexibility. Functioning as both a small wood stove and a small wood heater, this UK made stove is also able to function as a barbeque, a pizza oven, a char-steamer, and slow cooker.

The hotplate on top of the ESSE Warmheart is designed to have a gradient heat. The centre is nice and hot, while the outer edges are far cooler. This allows you to use the space to your advantage, boiling in the centre while simmering or slow cooking on the perimeter. But if you want to keep things simple, you can cook directly on top of the ESSE Warmheart hotplate. Perfect for pancakes, fish, or veggies, this hotplate cooking is brilliant. You can also use the hotplate as a char-steamer, by upgrading to the deluxe model, you can use the bolster lid to seal in the moisture around your veggies, cooking them through while still charring them from the hotplate.

The ESSE Warmheart firebox is epic, it’s eye-catching, its extraordinary. Slide the barbeque tray in and cook steaks, sausages, or pizzas directly over the flames. With two heights, you can cook at a higher or lower temperature, as needed. As a wood heater, the ESSE Warmheart has a heating capacity of 50m². This is perfect for a tiny home, especially if you decide to install the optional hot water jacket, giving you hot water no matter what.

If you live in an airtight home, you may find traditional wood burners struggle to operate due to the lack of oxygen. For your ESSE Warmheart, the Outside Air Intake solves this problem by bringing fresh air in from outside into your firebox.

Small yet powerful, the ESSE Warmheart is the perfect little wood stove. Unique in its makeup and design, using it is a truly spectacular experience. How many other wood heaters can you cook INSIDE of?

ESSE 775

Ideal for the coldest of nights, the ESSE 775 is a fantastic wood heater, handcrafted by the Master Stove Makers of ESSE, in Lancashire, United Kingdom. Bringing forward their centuries of experience, this wonderful unit boasts a British-made, cast-iron door, a spectacular flame pattern, and a stunning cooktop.

The most amazing thing about ESSE’s wood heaters, and the 775 is no different, is the flame pattern. Ideal for resting after a long hard day, stare into the dancing, flickering flames. These flames are created through the air chambers, which are controlled by the air slider just above the door. Within the firebox is a shaker grate that, when interacted with, will release the ash from the firebox into the ash dump below, which comes out for easy cleaning.

The ESSE 775 itself has a heat output of 100m², and with radiant sides, means you can heat a small space quite comfortably. At the end of a hard long day, not only can you rest by the fire, but you can use the top of the unit as a cooktop, allowing you to fry up some sausages or bacon, simmer a stew or boil a kettle. And by rear-fluing the flue, you can have even more cooking space. The paths are endless with the ESSE 775.

One of the most important aspects of your fire is air, and in modern airtight homes, wood fires can struggle to breathe. By installing an Outside Air Intake to the back of your heater, you can bring fresh air from outside, through a duct, into the ESSE 775, allowing it to function correctly. This can also be useful in older homes to prevent draughts running along those old floors.

With its indescribable flame pattern, warm, radiant heat and spectacular construction, the ESSE 775 is a brilliant wood heater, made for the cold British winters, and with a modern design perfect for the Aussie home.

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