The classic ESSE cooker, each model with its own character.

Choose an ESSE and you choose flavourful roasts cooked to perfection, beautifully-baked bread and the perfect piece of mouth-watering cheese on toast.

Each model has its own character, but the entire collection shares a reassuring level of quality that you can sense as soon as you open one of the hand-built, cast iron doors. Precision hinges allow these heavy doors to swing effortlessly and ESSE’s ‘slam-shut’ handles are invaluable when you have your hands full with a bubbling hot, oven-cooked casserole. Forget the soul-less ping of the microwave; ESSE range cookers make the simplest task a pleasure. Even heating a pan of soup is a rewarding experience as you slide the pan across the hotplate to find the perfect rolling boil or simmer.

Unlike many other range cookers, an ESSE will not exhaust its energy reserves – whatever culinary challenges you throw at it. Christmas dinner for 20 people? No problem. Don’t forget the pudding!

Your ESSE will continuously maintain its oven and hotplate temperatures and tirelessly work as hard as you in the kitchen. It’s no surprise then, that ESSE has become the brand of choice for the talented team at River Cottage.The HQ in Devon features an iconic Ironheart along with a flueless CAT gas range cooker, both of which are seen regularly on the popular show. Head Chef Gill Meller also uses our cookers at home and you can see him cooking on his ESSEs by visiting the recipe section.

ESSE has also worked with a number of Michelin-starred Chefs and respected Restauranteurs to perfect our range cooker collection. Most importantly, feedback from our customers has played a great part in how our product range has developed.

Whichever model you choose, in whichever fuel type, ESSE cookers have been designed to perform flawlessly for generations. Get to know your range cooker and you’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of delicious dishes.As well as offering superior style and cooking that’s a cut above, many ESSE range cooker models are also available with 3kw domestic hot water boiler.

ESSE 1000W

The Upgraded 990 – the NEW ESSE 1000W has so many new features.

Still has 3 of the deepest ovens, and all true baking ovens at different temperatures, plus ESSE’s patented wood fired BBQ where you can cook the perfect steak inside your firebox over glowing embers for the most delicious chargrill steak – it’s a true foodies heaven to cook on.

The extra width of the stove gives additional cook top cooking – you can go from boil to simmer by just sliding your pans across the large dog-bone shaped hot plate.

Unique is the firebox, but only is it the most efficient slow combustion wood stove ever built, with up to 15 hours of burn on a full load of wood and there is a glass door over the fire to allow you to use the heat from your ESSE to heat your room up to 60+m2.

The optional hot water jacket will provide you home with free hot water for many years ahead.

ESSE Ironheart

The ESSE Ironheart is not just a statement slow combustion wood stove, it combines everything you need to make a house a home. The large firebox not only looks stunning, but will also heat your home up to 80+m2. By placing the removable heat screen in front of the firebox door the heat is instantly trapped, allowing your stove to reduce the heating to 10m2

Inside the firebox, you can BBQ directly over glowing embers. This unique feature gives you the feature to do char-gilled steaks / or wood fired pizza’s, or anything your imagination comes up with. The large deep single oven has extremely all over even heat due to ESSE’s unique surround heating, you can bake the best sponge cakes or slow cook with ease

ESSE’s unique “dog-bone” shaped hot plate has complete temperature control, you can boil to the right, simmer to the left and char-steam directly on the hot plate. The Ironheart is also perfect capable of adding a hot water jacket for heating hot water.

ESSE Bakeheart

The ultimate baker’s oven, the ESSE Bakeheart is one impressive wood stove for its compact size. Designed to be a smaller version of ESSE’s iconic Ironheart wood stove, the Bakeheart has all the great features of a larger wood stove, but slimmed down to fit into a tighter kitchen, tiny home, or a shed.

At the very bottom of the ESSE Bakeheart is a wide air control for the firebox, almost the entire width of the front of the unit. This gives you incredible control over your fire, so you can get the perfect temperature for cooking. Above the air control is the Bakeheart oven. While this oven may look small, it can take one of the big ESSE trays (440mm deep), which is the same depth as the large enamel cookers.

The firebox is the heart and soul of the ESSE Bakeheart. With its gorgeous vermiculite bricks, you can slide in the included barbeque tray and grill directly over the hot coals. This is perfect for steaks, sausages, and pizzas (if you place a pizza stone on), or you can slide it up to the second tier for toasting buns or cooking at a lower temperature. You can also add a hot water jacket to your ESSE Bakeheart firebox, giving you brilliant off-grid hot water for as long as you like. And if the firebox gets too much, and you’re standing in front of it for too long, simply attach the ESSE screen to the towel rail, covering the firebox and allowing you to continue cooking without burning your legs.

The top of the ESSE Bakeheart is a solid steel cooktop which can hold several large saucepans, pots, and a kettle with ease. Or you can use the cooktop as a direct cooking surface. This is perfect for pancakes, meats, and vegetables. With some veggies, the best way to cook them is to add a little bit of water, and close the bolster lid, char-steaming them to release the sugars while still cooking them through. Another great thing about the ESSE Bakeheart hotplate is the gradient temperature, which starts from the centre of the hotplate and gets cooler all the way to the perimeter. This means you can boil a kettle right over the centre of the hotplate, then move it to the side to bring it down to a simmer.

The ESSE Bakeheart can also be equipped with an Outside Air Intake, bringing fresh air from the outside of your home into your Bakeheart firebox. This is perfect for modern homes where being airtight is a maximum priority, or older homes where the cooker can cause draughts to run along your floor.

Designed for bakers by Master Stove Makers, the ESSE Bakeheart is straight from the heart of Lancashire, United Kingdom directly to the kitchens of home bakers everywhere, ideal for that new sourdough recipe or that epic steak dinner.

ESSE Warmheart

What it lacks in size it makes up for in heart. The ESSE Warmheart is a stunning little wood heater / cooker hybrid, perfect in the living room as a heater, the kitchen as a cooker, or under the veranda as an outdoor pizza oven.

The Warmheart has a fantastic firebox, with a heating capacity of 50m². The two sets of grooves in the firebricks to allow for an ESSE barbeque tray to slide in. Perfect for a pizza stone, a piece of steak or some sausages, you can set the tray at one of two heights, giving you a lot of flexibility regarding the cooking. And the large air slider for the firebox is directly underneath, giving you maximum control over the temperature of your firebox. The firebox is also home to the optional hot water jacket, which means your Warmheart can heat your hot water all year round without issue.

Directly above the firebox is the hotplate. Perfect for several different pots or pans, the gradient temperature allows you to boil a kettle in the centre, then bring it to the perimeter for a simmer. The cooktop also functions as a direct cooking surface, which allows you to cook a piece of fish, pancakes, or some veggies directly on top of the hotplate. And if you upgrade to the Warmheart deluxe, you can use the bolster lid to char-steam your veggies (just add a dab of water), bringing out the sugars and making your veggies sing.

Designed for off-grid homes and small, unique spaces, the ESSE Warmheart is a fantastic little heater, cooker, pizza oven and barbeque.

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