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AGA makes everyday cooking extraordinary.

For over 80 years AGA has remained at the forefront of engineering excellence. AGA stoves embody the best AGA traditions and employ the very latest technology. The generations of workers who have bestowed their craft, often from father to son, have done so with great care and attention, bringing a sense of pride to each new creation. When you invest in an AGA Stove, you are acquiring a piece of history, a talking point and a centrepiece for your home. AGA stoves are brought to you by the manufacturers of the world famous AGA range cooker. They are assembled by hand by skilled craftsmen, giving each one a personal touch and unique quality.

Choose an ESSE and you choose flavourful roasts cooked to perfection, beautifully-baked bread and the perfect piece of mouth-watering cheese on toast.

Each model has its own character, but the entire collection shares a reassuring level of quality that you can sense as soon as you open one of the hand-built, cast iron doors. Precision hinges allow these heavy doors to swing effortlessly and ESSE’s ‘slam-shut’ handles are invaluable when you have your hands full with a bubbling hot, oven-cooked casserole. Forget the soul-less ping of the microwave; ESSE range cookers make the simplest task a pleasure. Even heating a pan of soup is a rewarding experience as you slide the pan across the hotplate to find the perfect rolling boil or simmer.

Unlike many other range cookers, an ESSE will not exhaust its energy reserves – whatever culinary challenges you throw at it. Christmas dinner for 20 people? No problem. Don’t forget the pudding!

Your ESSE will continuously maintain its oven and hotplate temperatures and tirelessly work as hard as you in the kitchen. It’s no surprise then, that ESSE has become the brand of choice for the talented team at River Cottage.The HQ in Devon features an iconic Ironheart along with a flueless CAT gas range cooker, both of which are seen regularly on the popular show. Head Chef Gill Meller also uses our cookers at home and you can see him cooking on his ESSEs by visiting the recipe section.

ESSE has also worked with a number of Michelin-starred Chefs and respected Restauranteurs to perfect our range cooker collection. Most importantly, feedback from our customers has played a great part in how our product range has developed.

Whichever model you choose, in whichever fuel type, ESSE cookers have been designed to perform flawlessly for generations. Get to know your range cooker and you’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of delicious dishes.As well as offering superior style and cooking that’s a cut above, many ESSE range cooker models are also available with central heating and hot water.

500 Wood Companion

905 WD

990 WD


ROBAM Range Hoods

Mr Stoves Pool World is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the ROBAM Range hoods the worlds best selling range hood. Please come into our showroom to see our three working models and a unique demonstration of the performance and features of the units.

ROBAM design is as innovative as the unit is powerful. Touch controls sits behind a clean and beautifully crated one piece toughened glass, this not only seals all the electronic components away from cooking oils but also allows for easy cleaning with no buttons in the way. Exclusive patented filter design is made over 30 thousand small diamond shaped oil separators that traps up to 96% of cooking oil from entering the chamber, prolonging the life of your rangehood. Internal chamber is coated with a non-stick coating which allows any oil particles to form and run down into the oil cup, making the inside a truly maintenance free machine. Our filter is machine pressed from a single piece of hospital grade 304 stainless steel, they are strong, easy to clean and most importantly, 100% dish washer safe.

The ability to reach a powerful 1140m3/hr air flow rate, 350Pa static pressure, 18/sec air speed all generated from a single efficient 200w motor is only achieved with our Dual Core Absorber technology. Industry leading extraction design with patented 57:43 ratio twin turbine centrifugal fan creates a 360 degrees tornado like effect which spins and captures your cooking fumes, minimizing the escape of smoke, grease, odour. This tornado like smoke capturing technology is the exclusive design by ROBAM and cannot be replicated by any other company. Alpha design twin turbine housing with direct outlet allows smoke to be extracted from both sides of the motor. This free flowing system means minimal air drag, efficient use of power and low operating costs.​

Crossover A809

Glider A812

Centroid A822

Tornado A818

For generations Stanley’s woodburning range cookers have brought warmth to homes and hot food to families. Today, woodburning is an increasingly popular lifestyle and economic choice for many homes. Each Stanley woodburning model combines classic good looks with durability.

With three models to choose from, and heating, hot water and cooking options available, Stanley range cookers are in harmony with today’s busy lifestyle.




Slow Combustion Cookers & Stoves – Thermalux

Wise Living manufactures and sells the Thermalux range of slow combustion kitchen appliances, Gourmet Cooker and Tuscany Garden Pizza Ovens.

Spoil yourself with delicious home cooking and the wonderful warm atmosphere provided by your Thermalux Slow Combustion Cooking Stove, All Thermalux Stoves are individually handcrafted by Master Tradesmen to ensure quality and individuality not achieved by mass production.

Gourmet Cooker


Grand Cuisine


Stirling Supreme

Stirling Grand Cuisine