We are the exclusive local dealer of Primo BBQ Grills.

We are the exclusive local dealer of Primo BBQ Grills, which are composed of the finest ceramic blend for superior heat and moisture retention. Ceramic is much more efficient than metal BBQs resulting in more delicious food and greater moisture retention in your food as it draws less air to maintain the heat source. Your Primo will reach temperatures beyond 400 degrees (c) allowing you to get that professional steakhouse style seared steak.

If you are after a melt in your mouth slow cooked roast or ribs you are in luck as your Primo will maintain temperatures from 93 degrees (c) for more then 30 hours. Using natural lump charcoal your food will be more flavourful and have no chemical taste. Primo also offers the ability to add wood chips such as hickory, mesquite, apple, pecan, etc to add even more flavours to your food.

Primo Oval XL – Loaded

The Primo Oval XL Loaded is extemely user friendly and is the most versatile bbq grill in the world. Included with our loaded package is everything you need to get started. Deflector Plates, 1 bag of charcoal, 1 box of quick lights and ash tool. Why purchase a pizza oven + BBQ + offset smoker + slow roaster when you can have it all with the Primo Oval XL loaded.

The Primo Oval XL can maintain tempatures ranging from 80 degrees (c) all the way to 400 + degrees (c) making it the ideal bbq grill for slow cooking or smoking a roast at a low temperature to cranking up the heat to get that perfectly seared steak. The Primo Oval XL also opperates as the perfect wood-fired pizzeria. The Primo Oval XL is easy to light, easy to opperate, with little to no clean up required.

Primo Oval Large

The Primo Oval Large Pro 300 is a fantastic shape and size and is the perfect grill for families. It offers 300 square inches of cooking area (expandable to 495 sq in) and the patented oval shape creates extremely high cooking efficiency and accessibility.

Grill, bake, roast or smoke any food. Made for grillers and barbecuers who want the most control and demand the very best results every time.

Primo Kamado

The Primo Kamado AIO is a great grill/smoker and is fantastic value for someone looking to dip their toes into the world of cooking on a ceramic grill.

It offers 280 square inches of cooking area (expandable to 400 sq in) Made in the USA from Premium Ceramics and can be used to grill, bake, roast or smoke delicious food.

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“I bought a Primo Large grill from Mr Stoves and nothing was too hard for them. They arranged delivery to East Gippsland and all was well. Upon unboxing it looked like some damage had occurred during freight. With absolutely no questions asked or any back peddling it was very promptly replaced and I am now cooking on my Primo every 2nd night. The product is fantastic but the back up support was even better. Thanks again guys.”

Dre Regli

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